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Socks the Fox

Say "Hello!" to our mascot - 'Socks' the Fox. 


The Red Fox is common throughout Ireland, and is a versatile native species, adapting to many habitats including in urban environments. The Red Fox is easily identified by its reddish brown coat with light underparts. While generally shy in nature, they have been able to successfully live alongside us. 


The red fox was selected as the mascot for Dundalk Tidy Towns because it is a well-recognised native species and has a deep connection to the local legend of St. Brigid (read about it). The red fox's high adaptability is also a great inspiration to us and expresses Dundalk Tidy Towns' constant plan to grow and improve with Dundalk. 

The Dundalk Tidy Towns' mascot was illustrated by animator Amy Byrne and a competition for primary school pupils was held to name the new fox mascot. The fox competition winner is Eoghan who came up with the name 'Socks' from Ms Irwin's Senior Infants Class, St Joseph's N.S. They were presented with a €50 Smyths voucher and an original framed illustration of the Fox for Eoghan and a €150 shop local voucher for the school by Helen and Anita (Dundalk Tidy Towns Committee).  

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