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Colter Poppy in Dundalk

The Coulter Poppy blooming at County Museum, Dundalk, Ireland


Thomas Coulter (1793–1843), of Dundalk, was an Irish physician, botanist and explorer. He was a member of the Royal Irish Academy, a fellow at Trinity College, Dublin, and founder of the college's herbarium.

Based on the Adjudicator Report in 2022, DTT has teamed up with Louth County Museum to take seed samples from the Coulter Poppy located in the grounds of the museum. It is hoped that if this proves successful, we will incorporate the poppy into future planting at various sites in Dundalk. Pictured is the Coulter Poppy in bloom. The Poppy now features on our logo as well as a beautiful new mural at Clanbrassil Street. A second mural in honour of Thomas Coulter can be found at Roden Place.

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