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Our New Logo 

A new logo with a pedigree past.

The new Dundalk Tidy Towns visual Identity was conceived and developed to assist in spreading the message about the great work, dedication and commitment invested by the Tidy Towns members every year.

This was a chance to develop a ‘new logo’ and one that was specific to the town of Dundalk. With its industrial heritage, its Victorian streets and its links with shipping and GNR transport, this new logo has taken its typographic links from its incredible past. At the heart of this new logo sits the ‘Coulter Poppy’ a beautiful, delicate flower that was discovered and named after the local Dundalk man and Botanist Dr. Thomas Coulter in 1832/33. This stunning and unusual flower also known as the ‘crepe paper poppy’ or the ‘fried egg poppy’ has now become the new emblem for Dundalk Tidy Towns and is positioned at the very heart of the new logo.


It symbolises what can be achieved, what can be grown, developed and nurtured and the beauty this can bring to everyone who encounters it. Like the ‘Coulter poppy’ that flowers every year with its happy sunshine yellow centre, the work of the Tidy Towns volunteers also brings so much beauty, joy and pride to our local residents. The new logo was created by Padraic Horgan, Creative Director, PH7 Design

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